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Post  Mark Berry on Fri Sep 03, 2010 10:34 pm

When posting your ride, include the Date & Time in your title so others who are looking for a ride to join will easily be able to see when your ride is.
In the body of your post, be sure to incude information such as where to meet, how far the ride will be, what pace you plan to ride etc.
Check the "Ride Ratings" (Below) post and read about how to describe your ride in terms of skill level/hillyness(is that a word?)/miles like this: AB/2/30

PACE: Classifications are based on an individual riding at a sustained pace on level ground. Actual speed may change depending upon terrain/weather conditions. Riding skills required are also listed.
TRAINING PACE - may exceed posted speeds with fewer and shorter rest stops.
SOCIAL PACE - follows all parameters of that ride level.

AA SLOW = Less than 10 mph. For families with children and for those who would like a slower pace. Regroups often. Waits for slower riders.
A LEISURELY = 10-12 mph. Stops as needed. Some riding skills required. Waits for slower riders.
B MODERATE = 13-15 mph. Good riders. Social pace. Regroups every 30-45 minutes. Waits for slower riders.
C BRISK = 16-19 mph. Experienced riders. Social pace. Regroups every hour. Requires paceline riding. Will wait for slower riders.
D FAST = 20+ mph. Strong riders. Race pace. Infrequent stops. Requires paceline riding. No obligation to wait.

1 Generally flat = Woodward to Friant: Reedley (0%)
2 Easy grades with a few hills = Piedra (1-3%)
3 Rolling hills = The Loop; Bass Lake Loop (3-5%)
4 Harder hills = Prather; Humphrey's (5-8%)
5 Hillmania = Wildcat; Sky Harbor; Walker Grade (8-13%)
6 Unbelievable = Tollhouse Grade; Big Creek Rd. (13+%)

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