Update: Punks in Black Jaguar Still at Large and Armed with Pellet Gun.

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Update: Punks in Black Jaguar Still at Large and Armed with Pellet Gun.

Post  Ben on Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:22 am

Went on Blossom Trail ride last Sunday with Fresno Club. Steve K. saw a news report of a black Jaguar in Madera that had over-turned with 2 killed and 2 serious. I hoped it was the Perps but the crash occurred 2 hours before the attack. What are the chances of a black Jag with 4 occupants in the area?!

Today, Pete N. called and said the Fresno Heart riders were attacked on Wednesday afternoon by a black Jaguar. One rider was fired upon with a pellet gun but was not hit. May sound like fun but a .177 pellet at 1100 fps can kill at close range. Sounds like attempted murder. The Punks have upped the violence so watch out.

I'll be driving the area looking for 4 door black Jaguars. Getting the license plate and following them around. If they attack, a felony stop will be called for. I thought about setting out some signs on the pathways for others to keep an eye out. Maybe the owner of the Jaguar is a runner, walker, or even a cyclist who is not aware his punk kids are using the car!

The word is we need a LICENSE plate and the police have to catch the driver in the car. It's going to be tough but it's got to be done. Don't know how much the police can do so watch out! (I used to like Jaguars but now they're targets!)


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