Friday Sep. 24th 2010: 60 Miles to Doyle's & Back

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Friday Sep. 24th 2010:  60 Miles to Doyle's & Back Empty Friday Sep. 24th 2010: 60 Miles to Doyle's & Back

Post  Mark Berry on Mon Sep 27, 2010 2:02 am

Picked up some buddies Thursday night at the Moonlight ride who wanted to get some miles in on Friday morning.
Dennis Ball and Danielle Gwin came along for the fun!

Ended up having to get my breaks done at the Goodguy's on Shaw between Follower & Sunnyside so we decided to meet there.

Forgot my riding shoes at home but lucky for me my wonderful wife brought them to me and we were only 1/2 hour late getting started.

Unfortuneately for me, Dennis and Danielle were dead set on making up that 1/2 hour and rode off at a smoking pace!
Yeah, sure, I hung with them but I think I left at least a small piece of lung out on the road somewhere! Suspect

On the way up we went down Riverbend and "The Bumps". The bumps? Are you freaking kidding me? The bumps, yeah right, that's like
when they call the left tackle for the Raiders "tiny"! These things are HUGE. Ok, I may be exagerating a bit, but they hurt. On the way
back I opted for the Zediker route while Dennis and Danielle motored back over the bumps on the way home. We met back up at Ashlan & Zediker.
Yeah, for those of you paying attention, that means they road over the bumps and still beat me back to the corner! I'll get em next time.

After lunch at the Redcaboose, where Mary Kay met up with us because she had recently become "on vacation!" I had a nice salad and a bucket of diet Pepsi.
Danielle was beggining to have trouble with her "good" knee and opted for the car ride back to the shop with Mary Kay.

Dennis and I continued the ride back to Shaw & Follwer. As I came to the driveway of the Goodguy's, my mileage counter read "59.00", and of course that simply would NOT do!
So I rode around the corner on Folwer and went down the street to 59.51, then headed back. When the bike went in the truck I had 60.02 miles for the day and a great memory
of a great ride with two awesome new ( well one new on "re-found" ) friends!

Thanks again to Dennis & Danielle for comming along on this 44th B-day ride with me.
Mark Berry
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