Friday Sep. 24th: Piedra Loop from Shepherd & Willow 64 miles

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Friday Sep. 24th: Piedra Loop from Shepherd & Willow 64 miles

Post  Mark Berry on Tue Sep 21, 2010 5:15 pm

Taking the day off Friday ( and Thursday since it's my B-Day ).

Beginning at Willow & Shepherd
Take Shepherd E. to Tollhouse (where 168 & Shepherd meet at the bypass).
Take Tollhouse E. to Herndon (this again is the bypass area for 168 just before it becomes 2 lanes)
Take Thompson S. Herndon
Take Herdon E. to Academy
Take Academy S. to Shaw
Take Shaw E. to Zediker
Take Zediker S. to Ashlan
Take Ashlan E. to Riverbend ( to add in "The Bumps" )
Take Riverbend S. ( over "The Bumps" ) to Belmont
Take Belmont E. up to Doyles for a break.
Take Piedra Rd. S. back down to 180 ( Kings Canyon )
Take 180 (Kings Canyon) W. to Rio Vista
Take Rio Vista N. to Belmont
Take Belmont W. to Riverbend ( we could take Riverbend all the way up to Ashlan to go back over the bumps but will likely skip them )
Take Riverbend N. to Olive ( to bypass "the bumps" on the way back if were tired )
Take Olive W. to Zediker
Take Zediker N. to Shaw
Take Shaw W. to Academy for a lunch break at The Red Caboose Cafe
After Lunch, head N. on Academy to Herndon
Take Herndon W. to Thompson
Take Thompson N. To Tollhouse Rd ( the 168 bypass )
Take Tollhouse Rd W. to Shepard (shepherd curves S to meet tollhouse at the bypass)
Take Shepherd W. to Willow
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