40 miles on Saturday

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40 miles on Saturday Empty 40 miles on Saturday

Post  Jim Cameron on Mon Sep 13, 2010 3:10 pm

There were 10 riders from Fresno Cycle Club and me that went on this ride. This ride challenged my riding ability, especially riding with experienced riders. The hills were tough but I made it up all but one on the return trip. I was able to keep up with the lead riders for the first half then on the way back the good rides left us slower riders in the dust. The only bad part of the trip was 1/4 from the end when one of the ladies had not one but two flat tires. She replaced the tubes and we all finished the ride.

Mark joined us at the half waypoint (what a slacker) not really, he had to wait for a bike shop to open to purchase a tire that he blew out on Friday. Mark thanks for the draft towards the end of the ride.

You never know what you are really capable of until you push yourself a little.
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