Piedra Loop Saturday Sept. 4 2010

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Piedra Loop Saturday Sept. 4 2010

Post  Mark Berry on Sat Sep 04, 2010 8:59 pm

Had a great ride around the Piedra Loop, starting from Trimmer Springs Rd & Kings Canyon.
We had eight riders begin the ride; ages ranged from 11 to um, well older than 11.
We had two new riders, Sonya & Keelan. Debbie, Jim, Mark & Mary Kay as well as Noah and Elliot also joined in the fun.

Keelan ( age 11 ) riding a single geared bike made a valiant effort to keep up and joined the SAG wagon brigade at about mile 3.
Surprisingly, he was joined by Noah and Elliot who claimed they were “bored”! Not sure how riding along in a truck at 12 mph is
more exciting than riding a bicycle, but to each his own!

Once the “slackers” were in the truck, the pace picked up a bit to around 13mph. We made our way up the first hill and regrouped
at the bridge at Piedra. We happened across the WOW (Women On Wheels) group who had a day ride planned with a fully supported
rest stop at the park by the river. Looked like they had about 20-30 riders. Debbie is going to look into joining the group so if any
other ladies are interested let her know.

The back side of the ride, on Piedra road, offered Debbie a chance to take a pull at the front; she promptly rode away from everybody;
see what happens when you keep practicing? After we regrouped, we rode down to Tivy Market at around 14-15mph. We took a short break
at the market and headed out for “The Hill.”

“The Hill,” as most everyone who remembered it, was nowhere near as big as their recollections told them it was! The hill, of course, didn’t change
its really a matter of two things, one perception; the mental side of cycling and two, the simple fact that everyone is getting stronger!

The back side of the hill was fun, Debbie had taken off the front ( again, the Prima Donna that she is, always riding away like a show off) so I decided to give everyone a lesson in wind resistance. Coming down the hill Debbie was pedaling at around 13-15 mph, I was able to get into a tuck and simply coast at 19-20, passing Debbie at the bottom of the hill without a single turn of the pedal. Wind is a cyclists 2nd worst enemy; steep hills being the first!

Most everyone agreed that Kings Canyon seemed to come up quite a bit sooner, when compared to last month’s ride, but again that was primarily due to the faster over all pace and fewer rest stops required by a group that is seeing some real gains in fitness!!!

Jim and I said goodbye to the girls at Trimmer Springs and Rio Vista, as the girls made their way back to the start finish and Jim and I headed back over to Belmont for a sprint to The Blossom Trail Café.
We started our “sprint” work at 17mph worked our way up to 19mph and held that pace for most of the way back; about 5-6 more miles. Both of us were huffing and puffing and quite ready for lunch!

The group met up at the café and the food was once again outstanding!

If you missed this ride, you’ll have another opportunity to get involved REAL SOON! Check back on the Forum under “Post Rides Here”
and watch for someone to post a ride you’ll feel comfortable doing, or better yet, post a ride YOU would like to do and maybe someone else will join you.

See you on the road!


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The best ride yet

Post  Jim Cameron on Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:17 am

This ride was very enjoyable. The pace was good and only of few stops (needed). Everyone rode very well today even our new rider.
Jim Cameron
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Re: Piedra Loop Saturday Sept. 4 2010

Post  DebbieH on Tue Sep 07, 2010 2:15 am

I am liking this ride more and more. I felt so much stronger this time than the 1st time. I really had to talk myself up "the hill" though. Lots of positive self talk. That is the key.

Thank you Mark and Jim for keeping an eye on all of us. Thanks to both of you, I know for myself, I feel safe.

This group is an awesome group to ride with. Come out an join us sometime.

Keep spinning.......


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Re: Piedra Loop Saturday Sept. 4 2010

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